Annual Spiritual Assessment

This Spiritual Assessment comes from Randy Frazee's The Christian Life Profile: Assessment Workbook (2005).

You are being asked to participate in a church survey conducted by Grace Presbyterian Church in Water Mill, NY.


Purpose of Annual Spiritual Assessment

The purpose of this survey is to assess how, individually and collectively, our church is growing spiritually. This assessment will help us identify areas in our walk with God where we are doing well, and those that need more attention. In this way, we will be able to target the specific needs of our church so we may grow strong disciples under God’s guidance.  We are asking every adult who calls Grace Presbyterian Church home to take this assessment annually.

Please complete this assessment by October 31th, 2022.


If you would like to participate in this assessment, you will complete an online survey that will take approximately 10 - 20 minutes. Your responses will be tallied, and a report will be generated and emailed to you. Following this initial assessment, you will complete annual follow-up assessments that will allow us to track changes and shifts in the spiritual growth of our church.

Your participation is voluntary - you do not have to participate if you don’t want to. You may ask to be removed from the survey at any time by contacting Adriana Pariz at


We realize that some of the questions are private in nature and therefore will make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of the survey data by limiting access to senior pastoral staff and individuals directly involved in survey data administration/analysis. Moreover, data will be password protected and kept in a locked file if hard copies become necessary.

If you have any questions or concerns about this survey, please contact Adriana Pariz at

Begin with Prayer

Pray to God that he would guide you in truth about yourself as you answer the assessment questions. Answer truthfully based on who you are today; not who you were last year or who you hope to be next year.


1. Click on the button below to take the assessment. The first time you take it, you will need to create an account.

2. This assessment will be available between October 16th and October 31st, 2022.

3. Once completed, you will get an email from "discipleship@gpchamptons.org" with your test results. Please check your spam if you don't see it in your inbox.

4. You will be asked to take this test yearly to see how you are growing in your faith.

By pressing the “NEXT” button below, it means that you have read the information in this notice and consent to participate in the survey.