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Personality Assessment

This Spiritual Assessment comes from Randy Frazee's The Christian Life Profile: Assessment Workbook (2005).

Begin with Prayer

Life change is an impossible task without God working in our lives. Thankfully, for our sakes, the Bible presents life transformation as a foregone conclusion in the scope of God's desire for us. Each of us needs to realize the importance of allowing God to be the initiator of our spiritual transformation. We need to begin this assessment process by presenting ourselves as humbly dependent on him. Ask God to help you see your life clearly as you respond to each statement. Recognize that it is the Holy Spirit within the Christian who enables him or her to grow spiritually.

Assessing Your Life

The Spiritual Assessment Test contains 120 statements related to the key beliefs, practices, and virtues of the developing disciple. Read each statement, then assess your own personal Christian experience on a scale from 0 (does not apply at all) to 5 (applies completely). Couple of things to note:

1. When you come to a statement you don't understand, mark yourself low.

2. When you come to a statement you don't believe, don't score yourself on whether you believe it is the right answer but rather on whether it is a way of life for you.


1. Click on the button below to take the test. 

2. When you are finished, write your total down for each section (For example, "God = 17, Church = 20" etc.) as well as the total for each section (For example, "Total Score in Beliefs = 70"). Email your results pdf to Adriana