Our Vision, Mission, Motto, & Values


Who is Grace Presbyterian Church?


A VISION STATEMENT points us to where we are going.
Our Vision Statement: To See Long Island Awakened to the Glory of Jesus Christ


A MISSION STATEMENT defines how we will fulfill our vision - how do we get there, what do we do, and for whom do we do it.
Our Mission Statement: To REACH the lost, BUILD community, GROW disciples, SERVE our neighbors, and in all things WORSHIP God.


A MOTTO is a succinct statement that captures our motivation.
Our Motto: Alive in Christ


CORE VALUES are the foundational, non-negotiable values that infuse the body life of Grace Presbyterian Church.




Biblical Faithfulness

God has revealed himself in ages past through the words of the prophets and through his son, Jesus, the living Word. This Word continues to speak truth to all people in the form of the Holy Scriptures. Christians and the Church are appropriately under the authority of the Scriptures as it is our only rule of life and faith. We believe that the best summary of Scripture and framework for interpreting Scripture is Reformed Theology with its covenantal view of Scripture and its emphasis on the sovereignty of God.


Christ-Centered Worship

From beginning to end the Bible presents a continuous narrative in which God is repeatedly shown to be the hero of the story. God is the creator of all things, including mankind. God is the one who sovereignly permits mankind to fall away from him. God is the one who provides forgiveness for man’s sin, and he will fully restore the entire universe to perfection. Jesus Christ is God in human flesh. As God, Jesus created all things, rules over all creation, and will someday bring the final restoration of all things. He is unique in that he is both God and man. His perfect life and sacrificial death are the only means by which individuals may have forgiveness for sin and live a new life for God’s glory. As the Lamb of God who was slain for the sins of the world and is now ruling over all creation, Jesus is to be the focus of our worship.


Grace-Centered Community

God created mankind to live in communion with others, but sin entered the world. As a result mankind’s nature has become self-centered, and we now tend to withdraw from relationships. Yet the grace that God gives us in Jesus Christ motivates us to love God as well as our neighbor. God’s grace redirects us from self-centered and moralistic living to others-focused, gracious living. It transforms both individuals and the Church community. A truly grace-centered community welcomes all kinds of sinners without judgment but also exhorts its members to live holy, grace-transformed lives.


Missional Living

We embrace God’s world mission and God’s way of mission both locally and around the world. God is the ultimate missionary. He is relentlessly pouring out his Spirit to bring people into his kingdom. To be missional means that we sacrificially bring the truth of the gospel to our neighbors both collectively as a church and individually as members of Grace Church.



We desire to live lives of powerful and persistent prayer. We believe in our sovereign Lord’s goodness, and we trust him to always have our best interests in mind, hearing our prayers and acting on our behalf for his glory. God delights in our prayers to him. Prayer draws us close to his heart, and it is in prayer that we enjoy his presence and submit to his will. Prayer is both a privilege and a responsibility. It is a privilege in that the God of the universe hears the prayers of his people, and it is a responsibility in that it is commanded in Scripture: “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer” (Romans 12:12). Scripture also teaches us that Jesus often withdrew to lonely places to pray. Since God is the one who “builds the house” and “watches over the city” (Psalm 127:1), we are foolish to endeavor without his counsel. 



We express our compassion by meeting physical needs through ministries of mercy. Because God became man, we believe that he affirms both the physical and spiritual aspects of humanity. Through the resurrection of Christ God meets not only the spiritual and personal needs but also the physical and social needs of the Hamptons and the world by redeeming a people zealous for good works. Understanding that Jesus simultaneously taught truth and practiced his teachings, we actively engage our community with the gospel through both words and deeds.


Church Planting

We yearn to see the Kingdom of God expanded through the planting of churches until our Lord returns. Our goal is to plant thirteen churches on Long Island by the year 2030. Church planting involves a considerable financial investment and requires leaders who are gifted, called, and trained for church planting. With the Lord’s blessing, Grace Presbyterian Church will be a resource church that will have the financial strength to support numerous church plants on Long Island.