UPDATE: We are offering in-person and livestream worship services on Sunday.Click here for more info.

Worship Service Plans & Guidelines

Please join us for our 10AM Worship Service! We have two options - The sanctuary or our Livestream in the Fellowship Hall. The Livestream in the Fellowship Hall is a family friendly option with tables and crafts (bring your own snacks). Communion will be offered in both locations. Families are also welcome to join us in the sanctuary. You are also welcome to watch it online, click here.

Registration for our worship service is not required, but it will guarantee you a seat, you are also welcome to simply show up on Sunday. Click on the button to register.



Please familiarize yourself with our guidelines before attending our service. You will be assigned a seat, or seats for your party. When you arrive, an usher will take you to your seat(s). Please social distance and wear a mask while in the building. If you or anyone in your party is not feeling well or has a fever of 100.4 degrees or above, please watch the Worship Service from home. If you need to cancel your registration, please email Adriana as soon as possible so we can make room for others.


A Letter from Pastor Mark: 


The leadership of Grace Presbyterian Church is very pleased to welcome our church family back to worshipping together! Our Session’s elders and ministry staff have worked with great care and prayer to prepare these plans for our return to the church building for on-site services. And thank you to all who completed our recent Reopening Survey; the survey was really helpful in making this challenging decision.

We recognize that this virus has not gone away and is still a very real threat, especially to those in high-risk categories. Despite all our efforts to be as safe as possible, gathering together again does carry an increased risk of transmitting COVID-19. If you are at a higher risk as defined by the CDC (65 or older, those with lung disease, heart conditions, obesity, diabetes, kidney or liver disease, or those that are immunocompromised), we ask that you would prayerfully consider continuing to worship with us online with the hopes and prayers that you can join us in person soon.

We recognize there are many different, valid approaches that could be taken. After much prayer and consideration for the care and safety of God’s people, we believe that our Lord has led us to this plan. We strive to honor Him as we begin to gather together in person.

Several principles have guided our plan. First, the health of our people, as well as the honor of the Lord, are being zealously pursued by a very faithful and hard-working ministry staff. We care about each of you — especially those who have struggled with some physical ailment and those who continue to face the ongoing stress and loss of normal life due to COVID-19.

Second, we aim to honor Christ’s testimony in being a good neighbor in our community. Our continual goal is to raise the beauty of Christ’s name through his Body (us) for all generations and all peoples. Being a good neighbor means we desire to be a source of spiritual healing in our community, and not a source of virus spread.

And third, we long for the communal life that God has made us for, which we experienced together as the body of Christ prior to this pandemic. And so, we have weighed the importance of being together in public worship as soon as our circumstances and resources permit.



Beginning Sunday, November 8, we will return to our 10AM Indoor Service.  



10:00 AM Indoor Service

  • Worship in the sanctuary.
  • A family-friendly livestream option will be available in the fellowship hall.
  • Masks are required at all times inside the building.
  • You will be allowed to sing while wearing your mask and social distancing.
  • Limited to 79 congregants with appropriate social distancing between family units, guided by ushers.
  • Pre-register for the service during the week with online sign-up in order to attend these services (click here).         
  • We will livestream this worship service for those who are unable to attend.
  • Entrance to the building will be through the main front doors only. After the service worshippers will exit the building through the double glass doors at the back of the sanctuary.
  • No bulletins will be utilized (we have installed overhead projectors on both sides of the sanctuary to display calls to worship, scripture, song lyrics, etc.)
  • There will be no nursery or children’s Sunday School 
  • We will be serving communion.
  • There will be no coffee or food.
  • An offering box will be placed by the doors on the way out.
  • Restrooms on the main level and fellowship hall will be available.
  • To assist with cleanliness, the rest of the building will be closed off.



Yes! Our service will continue to be live-streamed at www.gracehamptons.org/live.



Some final thoughts as we consider: let’s be careful to take care of one another and be mindful of people in different life situations. First, to take care of one another we will need to be very understanding of social distancing procedures. For some, this virus is still hypothetical and unreal. And yet, for some in our church this virus is very real. This, coupled with the fact that over half of those who carry COVID-19 show no symptoms, means we need to be very careful to protect others, even if we do not fear for ourselves.

Second, not everyone is in the same stage of life or the same state of mind. We want those individuals in high-risk groups, and those concerned for themselves or their family members, to feel very welcome to re-enter at their own pace without a sense of pressure. There will be many opportunities to gather when you feel comfortable.

Third, if you are sick or even just feel a bit under the weather, please stay at home. It is not worth risking possible exposure to others.

And lastly, we recognize that there may be need to modify these plans going forward. Session elders and staff will continue to evaluate new health guidelines and local contagion reports for their suitability for our people and worship.


All in all, I am so thankful that we have arrived at this day. I love you, and I long to see you as soon as you are able.


Thank you for your faithful prayers! Please keep praying!


Grace & Peace,

Rev. Mark Middlekauff